How can I open cleaning service in Finland?

One day I got message to our email. 

Someone asked me how to start cleaning business from zero in Finland. 

Every one starting new business, any new business, is in that same point at the beginning. So I decide to share some ideas to do that, to start a business. Especially am talking about cleaning business this time. 

All of those ideas work in real life, yes I have tested them myself. Better yet, I have seen people to repeating those ideas, more than once.

If you think that why this crazy guy is sharing tips for creating competition for himself, well, most of you are not going to do it anyway. Because starting a business is something that most of people are not ready to do.

Even having something own is best option to earn a living. If it is not, we would stop 20 years ago. It is actually opposite, I cannot imagine myself to go back to work for someone else. 

So here it comes:

How to start local cleaning business with practically no money to put in? 

1. Ask customers from friends and others

If you know any people personally in your area who already have cleaning customers, talk with them. Many good people who clean well, are often getting too many customers. 

Let them know that you are interested. You can also ask by email from some if they have too much work or if they are going to close their business, so you can get their customers. 

Many people move, retire or stop their cleaning business for any for other reasons. They are just happy to recommend someone to continue to their customers. Even we are still getting those offers, and sometimes we say yes to them. No advertising needed, they just come!

2. Print simple ads and deliver them yourself

You can print your black and white ads for very cheap, and deliver them to areas you want customers (mainly to areas close to you, so it is easier). You will get one new customer for every about 200 ads. 

I recently printed some 600 ads and they cost like 60-70 euros. Do not mention that your company is new, put emphasis to your experience of the cleaning work itself. That is what your potential customers care. 

Your customers also want know that you are trustworthy.  That partially leads us to the next point...

3. Have simple web page

It can be also blog. Nothing too fancy and complicated. Do not pay 5000 € "web developer" because it is not needed. You can have web page for free. Or, if you wish, you can spend some 10 euros for your own domain (per year).

If you cannot do it yourself, think if you know anybody who can do it for free. In my opinion it is best to know how to keep simple page yourself, then you know how to make little changes without paying every time to someone. 

If you know how to write yourself, that helps a lot. Provide answers to commonly asked questions in your web page.

You need also provide your email address and phone number. Put also address from where you are operating. That all gives you more credibility as small business.

4 . Sell your cleaning services little cheaper than others

I do not mean too cheap, but a bit cheaper. Check the prices in your area and make your prices known in your web page and ads. 

Do not go too down with your prices because it is suspicious and it draws bad customers and those you do not want.

5. Ask if you can do subcontracts

You can work as a subcontractor to some existing cleaning company. Not the most profitable way in long run, but you may consider that on the beginning. 

If you do decide to be subcontractor, you get less money. That is because your principal of course want to make money too.  

Sometimes they might be very greedy and offer very low price for your work, but that might be one option, for some time. I do not recommend it though, if you have any other options.

Do you want more help?

Well previous ones are some tips for the beginning. I have done and tested all of those on one period of time.

If you need some help, I do some accounting and I have keep cleaning blog/web site for many years. I also sell those services (accounting and blog writing), if you want/are able to pay for those. 

Anyway you need to be careful with tax office and taxes generally. If you are interested, you can let me know any time.